Sunday, October 02, 2005

Movie Review: Serenity

I've got to say that I was looking forward to this movie more than any other movie all summer long (mostly because it's been a rather bad movie summer). Well this movie is the continuation of Firefly but in a cinematic format and I've got to say that Joss Whedon pulled it off very well. It was a movie that was done in such a fashion that the people who didn't watch the series would understand the story, characters, and what was going on but the people have seen the series would get that much more because the movie didn't go away from the series it just took it a step further.

Over all the story was fun, the acting was good and I don't want to say too much just in case I say too much. I really enjoyed the movie as did everyone that I was at the movie with; so that's a pretty good sign. It's also a movie that's worth seeing on the big screen.

Serenity (IMDB)

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