Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oooh... payday!

I've always like every second thrusday more because it's always the day some dineros pour into the bank account. This is always a nice day to see that your bank account leaves negative numbers for a whole day or two. Negative numbers you ask? Well... Lets just say overdraft is my friend.

Today is also a good day because I'm going to go look at some cars! Yep... the car that dingbat crunched last weekend will be replaced by something. Mostly because I'm a lazy bugger and don't want to rely on transit if I don't want to. That and I don't like bumming rides to places (like my weekly hockey game). I'm looking at maybe getting a Mazda Tribute... it's a nice car and for some unknown reason the insurance on it for me is actually about as low as it would be for a Protoge and cheaper than most small 4 door cars. I don't question gifts like this... I take advantage of them.

In other news Tropical Storm Beta formed today and is expected to become a rather powerful hurricane though the experts don't think it'll become a monster like Wilma was. But Beta is located near Nicaragua and is likely to lay a good thrashing on some countries that are poorer and not nearly as able to stand a storm of any significant size infrastrucutre wise. I'd be curious to see where this storm ends up.

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