Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Pottermania Continues

All I can say is wow... JK Rowling's Harry Potter books have sold over 300 million copies. It's no surprise that she's a billionaire. I guess the books and the movies have really hit a nice cord with pretty much every nation, race, and demographic on the planet to get numbers quite that high. I really enjoyed the books and the movies so far but those numbers surprised even me. I almost wonder what will come to fill the void when Rowling is finished writing the series. If you think about it this series could easily end up with half a billion books sold after the last book is published. These are unprecedented numbers when you consider that the series will accomplish this in a little over a decade. I guess it's time for all the young/new writers out there to start creating their worlds and characters to fill in this void once she finishes the series.

The next big event in the crazy world of Harry Poter is the 4th movie in the series which is due out next month. And after a rather lack luster year at the box office this movie has the potential to put up some impressive numbers. I haven't seen any trailers for the movie yet (if they even exist) but even I'm rather excited to go see it.


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