Sunday, October 23, 2005


So I was driving to go feed my parents cat's yesterday evening and the weather was super crappy, it was cold, it was rainy and there was even some of the fucking evil snow stuff falling down. All in all it was a very crappy weekend. I got to my parents alright, fed the cats alright and then headed home. I was driving along... no problem. I stopped for the light... again no problem the guy behind me... very far behind me stopping... kind of a problem. The dumb ass rear-ended me. He had more than enough room to stop his car but for some unknown reason he decided to stop later than he should have. He skidded and ran into the back and of my car. It really made my day.

Well needless to say we took care of the details and I got him to give me some $$ for the damage. My car is too old to fix at this point and I'm not going to even entertain the idea of going to insurance... I'm already fucked over with that industry. So I got my cash, which I think I gave the guy a good deal. I got soaking wet and didn't get home till about 10 accident happened around 7:30.

So now I've got to look into buying a car which I really don't have the money for and I've got to deal with the rusted ass shit box that is parked at a gas station. I'm going to have to get there and drive it to either my parents or my mechanics to have a glance to see how much it'll be. I'm sure it'll be too much to fix.

Overall... not a great weekend. I'll post some pics of the fucked up car tomorrow.