Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Review: Queen of the Damned

Well it’s taken me three goes and actually getting through Queen of the Damned from beginning to end. And three was no particular reason for me to set the book down the first two times (maybe I just stopped reading any book at those time). But I’ve got to say that so far I’ve been liking the Anne Rice books and I’m glad that I finally got through it. I know this book isn’t all that new so a review isn’t anything spectacular but here goes:

I liked the flow of the story; it got us pieces of information that propelled the story forward without dropping too much in our laps. It kept me wanting for more as the plot unfolded. The character development was really cool as we were introduced to Akasha as well as a few vamps that are almost as old as her. The book was well written and well played out. I enjoyed it and although I’m on a different book now I kind of want to read the next book in the Vampire Chronicles (I think the next one is Tale of the Body Thief).

The movie for the book makes much more sense now though I think it was a bit of a blending of Queen of the Damned and The Vampire Lestat. It’s a shame that movie wasn’t done any better; I think these books would make really good movies (though keeping Cruise and Pitt for their characters would probably be excessively expensive).

If you like vampire stories (or are familiar with the Anne Rice world of Vampires) then you’ll like this… go for it… read it… you know you want to! Ok not quite as convincing as a vamp might be but oh well.

Anne Rice's Website for Queen of the Damned

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