Thursday, October 20, 2005

Skating - Performance Analysis

Quite obviously very few people who stumble upon this blog will know who I am; and those that don't won't know I'm a bit of a hockey nut(and a golf nut for that matter). But I am and I play hockey twice a week (it would be more but I actually like spending time with my GF). So today I took the first step to actually becoming a better hockey player.. I went and met with a friend who's studying to become a DR of chiro and she's agreed to help analyze my skating inability.

I've been playing hockey recreationaly for 4 years now, I started when I was 25 and I'm into my 4th season... I will be the first person to admit that I'm not very good. Some of the guys I took beginner classes with are far better though much older. I like to use my bum knee as an excuse; but it shouldn't be one. First year of playing I had my knee taken out from under me while I was taking a shot and tore the PCL in my left knee. I managed to get healed up pretty quick and my skating and playing has continued to improve slowly. I've always joked about my inability to skate well... and when my friend offered to help by doing an analysis of it I jumped at the opportunity.

I was taped during my last game (which we won 4-0) and she had a look with her mentor(I don't know what to call their supervisors) who happens to be all into sports rehab. And before I even met with her she said that I favour one of my legs over the other.

YES! My knee! I can use my knee as an excuse for real!

That's all fine and dandy but why the fuck would I use an excuse as a mental crutch. I want to play better and skate better so today I went and met with her and her supervisor dude and we got the ball rolling on getting me to skate better. I've already got a set of exercises to do to help loosen my leg muscles up and we're going to take it from there to get me practicing proper techniques in skating so I can improve upon it. I've got to say I'm pretty bloody impressed already with what she told me and I want to see if I can work on the specific things she mentioned before we even get any further. I'm in decent shape, I should be able to be a good skater not a semi-ok one.

Ok enough about all of this... I should get back to work and get some stuff done today.

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