Tuesday, November 29, 2005

And the Government Falls

In a non-confidence motion yesterday the Canadian parliment fell? So what does that mean boys and girls? That means the fuckers in Ottawa that have been pretending to run the country (all 4 parties are at fault) get to spend a bunch of tax payers money because they couldn't agree. Now not only are we going to have to put up with an insane amount of christmas commercials we've got to deal with all the political crap as well.

Now my stance on voting hasn't changed, I feel because I vote and try to stay somewhat englightened on the issues I've got a right to bitch about it. The people who can't be bothered to vote, or even care about it... guess what lazy shits... you didn't make your voice heard, so just sit there and take it whatever way it's given to you. I on the other hand am going to pay attention to what's happening in my country and participate to try making it as livable for me as possible.

With that said, that isn't entirely easy in Canadian politics. Politicians for example don't go around making promises of what they are or aren't going to do, oh no, if they did that we'd at least know what they're lying about. Canadian politicians go around saying why we shouldn't vote for the other guy... now tell me where is the logic in that? You paint your opposition in as bad a light as possible so that you... what... look like a better alternative? Put the fucking easter bunny on every ballot and I think you'd be surprised how many seats the furry fucker wins.

Guess this shit's starting all over again, lets see if I'm able to dig through any of the bullshit before I actually vote.

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