Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Changes from one day to another

Yesterday I had a day where I was feeling very blah and dejected, there was no really good reason for it but that's just the way I felt. Today on the other hand I'm actually in a good mood but virtually nothing has changed in what I've done in the day upto this point. I just find it amazing that something so small that we don't really take notice can impact our moods to the point we'll either have a good day or a bad one. It really goes to show that Marcus Aurelius had something right when he said "Our life is what our thoughts make it"

I'm also starting to wish that I had brought some of that breakfast stuff... 3 days in a row of breakfast and my fucking retard body wants it all the time. None of that! I really should start eating breakfast on a regular basis, I always seem to feel less hungry if I eat first thing in the morning. And its probably good for you too.

The 4 minute post is now over... back to work.