Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Funny But Effective

It seems that a Visa customer from Kingston decided to take matters into his own hands when he felt that his privacy was being violated by the bank that issued his card. The bank processes its Visa records in the US which made this poor guy subject to the Patriot Act... essentially the US government can get at his private information which is technically against the law in canada. So what did he do? He paid his bill in pennies which generated a 35 page bill.

That is hillarious! This guy really did take matters into his own hands, though I have to agree that the only result this is going to have is piss off the bank to the point where they'll change how they deal with customers (most likely negatively). His ploy was effective since it got attention though I don't think it's going to accomplish very much in the end other than shining some light on the subject.

Seriously dude, do you think that American Authorities are going to have ANY difficulty what so ever in getting your personal information if they decide to investigate you? I doubt it. The privacy laws in canada are meant to protect the consumer, this information which you're apparently holding so dear to your heart will be passed freely if the US authorities deem you a threat. I can't see any reason why the canadian government wouldn't cooperate with the US if you really were a threat.

Made me laugh. Here's the Globe and Mail article.

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