Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not quite 100% right

I'm having one of those days where things just aren't working quite 100% right, everything is working but not perfectly. Take blogger... I just noticed that the date thingy is gone, so I can't set the date of my posts. Now this isn't a big deal but what if I fuck something up? I want to post something up tomorrow lets say but I know I won't have any time... now I'll have to go in and post it tomorrow regardless... I can't change the date myself. oooh... big fucking deal you're thinking where's the not working quite right... but that's what I mean, it's just that little bit off. Like when you're 5 cents short when paying for something, sometimes it doesn't matter and the cashier waves it off... others you gotta break out the debit card or credit card, all over 5 fucking cents. That almost 100% but not quite.... GRRR.

EDIT: Found the date thing... brain isn't working and i'm a retard

In other news, . Brings back images of that not so great action flick . Makes me shudder thinking about the possibilites, but then again when there's good medical reasons for it by all means. But on the seriously scary side, a murderer or terrorist could use something like this to alter their apperance, not a little bit but COMPLETELY and continue about their lives as someone else.

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