Monday, November 28, 2005

One of those Days

I went to sleep with a bit of a headache, caused by my hockey helmet, and woke up this morning with that same bit of a headache though it felt worse. The weekend passed with little fanfare though I can't say that I really enjoyed most of it. Friday night went to a comedy show with some friends, kind of a guys night out... got fucked for chipping in for a bill yet again. I'm getting really sick of people just assuming that someone will chip in some extra money for the bill to cover off the fact that they're just cheap fuckers. The really sad thing is on friday I went out with three guys that make more money than I do and are in a better financial situation than I am. Seriously I drank cheaper beer, had a cheaper meal, didn't have any of the fucking oysters the others did yet I had to split the bill three ways (it was one of their birthdays)... I understand the world isn't fair but fuck people this is the second weekend in a row this has happened, I'm getting sick and tired of paying for other people; if it was my GF then it's not a big deal but when its a bunch of guys that make more money than I do then it's becoming an issue. Cheap fuckers.

Saturday was paintballing, again mostly the guys, this was moderately fun untill I started to hurt, my knee didn't appreciate the crouching and kneeling for three hours but overall this was ok. Then dinner with the parents last night and my hockey game was probably the most fun of the weekend. I don't like having weekends pass where I've got a whole list of things to do and no real choice about going. I really want to do nothing next weekend... or at the very least things that I choose to do.

So now I'm in a mood, and it's barely 9:30... it didn't help that for the past half an hour about the only thing I heard coming in through my office door is "this paint color sets off migranes so I couldn't pick this so I picked this paint color for the spare bedroom" seriously people don't you get paid to do something other than talk about paint... if you want to talk paint get a job at home depot or something like that.

Fuck I'm in a grumpy mood today.

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