Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Past Couple Days

Well the last couple days have been frustrating and interstesting at the same time. I managed to finally pick up my new car last night and I'm totally stoked about that. Though I was moderately annoyed with the company because they fucked up their timing on when to get the emmissions testing done and I had to wait an extra day before I could pick the silly thing up. But I did get it, its a nice champainy color and they cleaned the interior out quite nicely. Over all I'm pretty happy with the car and the service. I even drove into the office this morning! I know its pretty pathetic to be all that excited about something as simple as a new car but I am what can I say?? You'd be pretty excited too if you were in my shoes.

Other than the car I'm still trying to get over this fucking cold, it seems to be getting better until I get to bed in the evenings and I can barely breath thruogh my nose. What the fuck is up with that? I can breath all day long but at night when I'm trying to do the sleep thing... newp... the nose has to clog up and i've got to breath through my nose. Not to mention i still kind of feel like shit. At least it seems to be passing slowly.

Finally work has been insanely busy of late I now have more projects than I could possibly finish in the time that I have at the office and the worst part about it is I've got barely any motivation to do any of them. I hope it's just the cold and the stress from the work and the car that's killing the motivation. I guess I should stop bitching about it and start getting my shit together and get some of these projects done. Pass off what I can pass off and finish what I can as quickly as I can.

Now before I write a million page blog entry in a sad effort to cover off the past couple days where I have been too lazy to write. '

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