Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Review: The Longest Yard

My GF and I just watched again on DVD and I've got to say it was damn funny the first time I saw it in the theatre, and it was funny again... the better part this time was we were watching it with booze... two pitchers at the bar and a big ass bottle of melot at home... needless to say I'm having some issues typing right now... might have helped if I managed to eat a meal somewhere along the line.. chips and salsa just don't count.

Back to the movie it was fun, if you liked the Waterboy then you'll definitely like this movie, it's got your typical Adam Sandler humor in it as well as some of that well placed Chris Rock humor on top of it all. Definitely a good rental movie... just don't expect deep shit... and if you do, don't fucking blame me.

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