Thursday, November 17, 2005

What to do with this Blog?

Well a while back I started questioning if I wanted to continue having this blog, mostly because it didn't have any true proper direction. Then as I thought about it what proper direction is needed? This little journal is for my thoughts and opinions... essentially it'll be a bit of everything. I know that it's not likely to bring in massive amounts of traffic because I don't focus on anything it is going to give me a bit of piece of mind.

The second thing that I was thinknig... that this being a personal blog I should maybe put in some information about myself? Well I'm still not convinced about that one... not completely. Tank is my nickname... it was given to me by my hockey team and when it really comes down to it I actually answer to this as if it were my name. That will have to do for the time being, as for the names of others that I might mention... that will simply not happen. I've been pretty good about excluding other people form this blog for a good long while and I'm going to continue and if I do mention someone don't expect their names.

Pictures.... again I'm not convinced about this one mostly because any pictures I take with others will require names not to mention i don't know if the people I take pictures of will want their pictures up on the web. Pics of me might start popping up but for the time being that'll be the extent of it.

And finally, if you've managed to make it down this far. I've started a new blog for my writings. I'll be writing short stories, sections of novellas, and shit like that there about once a week. I miss writing for fun and I think this might be a fun way to get it going again. The URL of the site is