Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ahh Payday!!

I've always found it rather amazing just how much and how quickly I can spend money to the point that I'm living in this marvellous world of overdraft where my paycheque comes into my bank account and well it goes over 0$ for like a day. I've tried in the past to keep a handle on my money but for some dumb-ass reason or another I don't pay enough attention to it and the money just flows away like water rushing down a mountain stream, always away from me.

I haven't made any new years resolutions in years, mostly because I think its fucking retarded to need a day to start something, yeah I know the beginning of the year is a good time to start something. A new beginning of sorts. Bah fuck it. Today is a good day to start tracking my money down to the penny to see where the fuck I spend it all and to stop spending it on stuff that I really don't need. I'm like everyone else on that one I spend more money than I should each and every payday. Why? Because I don't care, I make money so I can get stuff. Well it's about time for me to stop spending my money on a bunch of shit I don't need and to start getting out of this nice deep debt hole I've put myself in.

I'm picking the worst time of year to start, I know this. This is the time of year where you buy a lot of the people you know gifts that in a lot of cases they won't care about. The people that matter you get them really nice stuff and they appreciate it and give you stuff back... that part is nice but do I really need to get another pair of snowboarding socks? Not really, do I need to give another pair of snowboarding socks or whatever... not really. So along with grabbing my finances by the balls I'm going to try cutting out the fucking retard gifts that I give each any every year.

I swore a lot in this post, I think my money situation aggitates me.

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