Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Another New Blog

Well part of the goal when I rethought how I did the whole bloging thing with this blog was a couple more themed blogs. The first of these was the blog that I came up with for my writings which I called and I'm quite happy with the results of that one even if I haven't really gotten much traffic. The goal was for me to write at least 500 words or so each week, sometimes writing little short stories and sometimes writing a story over a few weeks. That's been going well I think.

The second of these themed blogs that I wanted to set up I just decided to go for and do I got going yesterday though it still needs a great deal of work is a blog about hockey. Primarily focusing on the NHL and it's current season; I know that the timing of this blog is a bit off considering the NHL season started back in October but regardless there's no point waiting trying to decide to do this or not. If it fails then it'll be a lesson learned, but in the mean time it's best to just go for it and get it going. I've titled this blog and it can be found at http://puckincommentary.blogspot.com and I'll have analysis of the games of the day a preview shall we say, with links to previews I've read and used to formulate my thoughts, as well as predictions on the outcomes of the days games not to mention a morning wrap up of what happened and how my predictions turned out. I still need to do a lot of work on the template and make it a bit more friendly but the current one will do for the time being.

So go check them out, I'm happy with the decisions and the topics for my two blogs of the moment. I'm going to stop with new blogs for the time being because I still have a job and I don't intend to blow if off to start 45 million blogs in a pittiful effor to make a living off of this. I care about the two topics I've picked and want to continue them so I'm hoping they'll succeed.

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