Friday, December 02, 2005


Well I've decided that since this is a personal blog and I'm not going to subject my limited readership to advertising regarless of how unobtrusive and profitable I can find it. With that said I still think that if someone reads this site and is feeling particularily genererous they should be able to leave me some money... no I don't expect anyone to do this but for the true philanthropists out there I'm going to put a link to donations via Paypal on the side bar.

Yes this is selling out, no I don't expect anyone to actually put money into this. But with that said anything gained here will be gravy and I'm starting to set up a schedule for posts and going to try making this site a bit more pleasing on the senses. Unfortunately I won't be fixing the writing or writing style so if that's what you don't like about the site I can't help you.

So please donate to the help sponsor this site fund. And I'll be creating a couple more blogs on topics I know a bit about/want to write about that will have their own monetary generation on them.