Saturday, December 31, 2005

HaPPy New Years!

It's six now and I've been drinking for a couple hours already (Aren't you proud of me Bee?) and I think I may have some difficulties coming home. So you see I think this is the best approach to starting the new year... why you ask? Well chances are if you can get laid during the night you will (I'm hoping for it unless I'm fucked off my face drunk) and then you sleep in the whole day recovering. What could be better than a day in bed, lots of junk food, and nothing to do?

Well I won't be posting much about my goals and resolutions for the next year just yet... I need to figure out which ones I'm actually gonna really bother with. Damn... outa beer.

Time for a smoke and then off to the party! Happy New Years everyone... be safe, fuck lots, and drink yourselves stupid