Friday, December 16, 2005

Insane Lately

I normally like to post about once a day, sometimes if I can swing it twice a day at least during the week. The past couple days have been days from hell when it comes to business. I've been bogged down with work, chores and tasks at home, and social calendar that's making me tired. The long and short of it... I've been busy, busier than I actually like.

It's funny when you're bored because you've got nothing to do you wish for something to happen, for something to do, but when you're insanely busy there's never a moment to get anything done. Why is there no happy medium where there's just enough work to go around leaving some spare time for the other things in life? It's to the point where I haven't started Christmas shopping and I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll be starting shopping on thursday, my first day off around xmass.

Ok... back to work, must prep for my contractors on monday (that would suck having 2 ppl in and no work for them because I'm disorganized)