Friday, December 09, 2005

Let the Parties Begin

Well its that dreaded time of the year, no not tax time though that ones pretty bad too, I'm talking about the begginning of Christmas Party season. Now you'd think that this would be a good time and for the most part it is but when it comes down to christmas parties there's the problem of having to behave. I'm going to two work christmas parties... and I've got to behave at both of them. At least to a point, more-so at my GF's work party than mine. I'm ok to rip it up a bit at my work party, its kind of expected that I'd do something like that. Now the only problem that I've got is I'm not sure if it's open bar or if we're getting some drink tickets or what. Hell open the bloody bar and let me get toasted.

We didn't have a party last year for some unknown budgetary-political reason. But this year our entity, the canadian company decided to say fuck the rest of the planet we're having a party. I know there was some issues over the past couple years because we were one of the only companies (parts of the larger company) that had a Christmas party... now we've got it back and I'm looking forward to it. I don't think it'll be anything insanely crazy but it should be fun. The biggest problem is the fact that it's about 45 minutes away from where we live and we'll have to spend the night up there if I want to drink any respectable amount of booze. So I'm paying about 100$ for a hotel to go to a free christmas party. But alls good and fun will be had.

Then there's my GFs party next weekend and for that one I'm going to have to behave a bit more than my party. The good side is there's no driving, just a subway ride but again for this party I know if I want to partake in the boozefest that it should be then I'm going to have to dish out. No biggue either way... but that kills two weekends outright and makes it difficult to just chill out. But then again this doesn't happen ever month just once a year so I should just shut the fuck up and enjoy the parties and I will.

Christmas is too fucking busy and too fucking expensive even if it is fun.

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