Thursday, December 01, 2005

A realization.

It's coming up to the end of the year and I had vacation time left so I've taken a bunch of random days between now and the end of the year. Today was the first such random vacation day. So why haven't I posted a few posts prior to this? Well for all of you who think I was out having fun... nope I spend most of the day eithe watching TV or just fucking around on the computer looking up stuff. I know not very excting, but I was looking at blogging info, I finally set up a feedburner feed on this site.

One of the main issues that I've had with this blog is the fact that I haven't ever really had any direction and as I was cruising around the interweb thingy today it dawned on me... this blog doesn't have to have any real direction. It doesn't have to be about what I had for breakfast, if I was pissed off with some fuck head on the road, nor does it have to be a running commentary about anything. This is a personal blog, its my personal blog.

This came about because I was debating putting some advertising on this site... for those of you who've come here more than once you'll know I've been tweaking the template a bit, cleaning it up a bit and I was thinking since I've had this thing for a while, why not see if I can make some money off this. Then it struck me, this is a personal blog yes I have running commentaries on any number of things but there is no theme other than this is a personal blog, there's no point putting adSense on this... if I make a nickle I'll be fucking impressed. I've got a blog set up for my writings, and I've got some ideas on tweaking that one a bit, and I'll put some revenue generating things on that blog.

I would love to have a blog that's got a nice clear direction... a focus if you will but, I've been hard pressed for one... well more that I've been trying to force a focus on this blog and that's not going to ever work. A bit more revamping to this blog is definitely necessary since I'm not impressed with the look, but the comments and posts I put up... they're never going to have a theme and that's fine. I've just got to find some topics I give a shit enough about to start a themed blog... and if those make me some money then great otherwise I'm practicing my typing skills.

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