Saturday, December 03, 2005

Snow in the Desert

I couldn't help but commenting on this that I saw today. It says that in the middle of the desert in Dubai a ski restort opened up. Now before you start thinking about all the crack comments wondering what it would be like to ski on sand the crazy people in Dubai have spent 272 million dollars to create a huge ass dome, insulated it and filled it with snow. I think this is hillarious; in an effort to continue expanding the city as a resort meca they've built winter into the desert. I haven't looked around to see if I can find a site for this facility to find out the costs to take a few runs. Either way I think this is funny that if you go to Dubai you can now go for a day on the slopes without catching a chartered plane to an existing resort far away. Might be kinda fun to say you've skied in the desert.

Here's some photos that I've managed to find:

Found the link to the facility too:

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