Thursday, December 29, 2005

Some Fucker(s) dented my car door

On my way into work this morning I noticed that the rear passenger door on my car had some dents on it. I haven't noticed them before, probably because I wasn't looking but what the fuck is up with that? Upon closer inspection in better light it looks like someone's door smacked into mine a couple times. You know if it's windy in a crowded parking lot on a windy day I can accept a dent or a small ding... this shit happens. But this looks like someone seriously swung their door into my car hard twice. Either someone was really fucking pissed off when they were doing their fucking christmas shopping or someones fucking brat child was upset because they got yelled at and took it out on my fucking door, two dents from a door and a scratch.

THIS IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS!!! If I knew who did this I'd put two dents into their car door and yell at them till they were in tears! You know I understand if it's one dent... shit really does happen.. but this is twice, had to be the same fucking person. This isn't something you want to wake up to... it really puts a sour start to the day. Control yourselves people... control your fucking demon spawn children. Arg!

Lets hope it's up hill from here or I'm just going to go home and ignore the world! Why be nice and care about the average joe beside you when they obviously don't care about you? Fucking stupid dumb shit people! This is why I will never own a new car again!