Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Starting to feel better.

You know I've always been one of those people that doesn't get sick very often, this year the opposite has been true. I've had two colds and one flu to date and I'm glad that the end of the year is coming. Now today is showing me something that I've always liked about my body but not really seen as much of this year as I would have liked. In the past if I got a cold I'd have a runny nose and maybe a cough for a couple days and that would be it... a night or two of NyQuil and I'm back up and running. So far this year my first cold kicked my ass all over the place for a few days then lingered for a week or so then I got the flu; for those of you that haven't had the flu recently those fuckers suck, it put me down for about a week and I was running a fever close to the point that I needed to be in a hospital. It past and I survived with my brain still working which is kinda nice.

Now to the point this cold that I managed to catch over the weekend (probably sooner but it decided to manifest Sunday) is already passing. My kick ass immune system is going after the little cold germs with avengence and that's the way it's supposed to be. Being sick really sucks, it makes every day stuff a chore, you're tired all the time, and let me tell you having sex while sick isn't really all that pleasurable to the point where when I'm sick I just try not to have it. Tell me how romantic is it when you're having sex and you say, "Can you reach the kleenex, I'm about to drip snot on your chest". Anyhow I'm starting to feel better but for Tara: I did sneeze on some money today just before giving it to the guy who charges almost 10$ for a pack of smokes.

Tonight we pick up a Christmas tree! Photos may be coming tomorrow if I've got batteries left in the camera