Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What Blogger would you most like to meet?

I had this question pop into my head this morning and it got me to thinking, I know this is a rather rare occurance before 11 am but it does happen. Of all the people who's blog you read who would you like to meet the most? The answer quickly popped into my head it would be Tony Pierce, but there are other bloggers that I read that I would like to meet, mostly because they seem like they're characters and just generally interesting people, take Matt Good for example or Raymi. Their blogs all have some very interesting character about them either in the writing or the style of the posts. I've always found it interesting just how much of a person's persona or character actually comes out in their writing. Back in the days where I was still at UofT I did a lot of IRC chatting and I met a bunch of people off that (still talk to some of them) I noticed that even when these people were lying about something their personality shone through.

I think this is the case when it comes to blogging as well, the personality or internal voice comes through, regardless of if the person is being dead honest or not. One of the things that I've never really done is gone over the stuff that I've writen to see what kind of personality shines through my work, then again it's me so I might miss it entirely. The character of posts and words that comes off a site paints a mental picture of the persons personality and in some cases this personality really jumps off the page so to speak. Now the three bloggers I mentioned above, I would like to meet any of them because I like the personality that jumps out at me when I read their blogs. Maybe one day I will... though I think I need to get Tony's book first.

So my question to the public is who would you like to meet from the blogosphere? Are there people's blogs that I should check out? That might change my list?