Friday, January 27, 2006

A bit out of touch

Yesterday when I got off on a tangent trying to fix the template in my writing blog I came to a realization and it was a bit of a disturbing one for me. I'm out of touch with the web world, not the day to day realities of the web but the background the coding. This is what I do for a living but fucking around with the CSS and Photoshop for that blog really made me realize I haven't done any of that kind of stuff in a very long time. So you're probably wondering what I'm doing working in the industry if I'm so out of touch... well I do the back end data-base stuff, I build the architecture and design it. When it comes to that I don't think I'm all that out of touch (just yet).

I used to be the kid the hacked out a good site in no time flat, but my stupid template gave me grief to the point where I was getting frustrated with myself for not keeping upto date. I've never been an artsy type that could do all the cool visual stuff in photoshop, if I was I would be working as a designer. Regardless of the fact I don't think I'll ever be very good with photoshop i gotta get more up to date. I have to keep myself marketable, keep the skills sharp. I don't want to be reliant on using blogger's predfefined templates...

I'm ranting for no real good reason other than I wasn't learning the shit fast enough for my own liking and I felt out of touch, that my skills weren't good enough anymore. Rants done now; gotta go find me a bunch of good looking sites so I can finally wrap my head around the whole CSS layout thing and fix the two blogs. Though maybe I should write some more in the other one.