Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Conservative Minority it is!

So after last nights numbers were tallied the Conservatives won with a slim minority, so as much as this isn't a great thing in my mind it's also not necessarily a bad thing the other main parties will definitely keep the conservatives in check and it's quite likely that they'll end up back at the polls before long. The only reason I think it's likely that the country will be back in election mode soon enough is the fact that people won't be as willing to work with the Conservatives as they were with the Liberals. I guess time will tell just how the picture lies. Either way the results from last night are a lot closer than the polls made it seem.

The reason I think the polls ended up being a lot closer than the advanced predictions had them at was simply because people that weren't likely to vote got out and supported the Liberal party on a mistrust of Stephen Harper. I guess it's now up to him to see if all of our mistrust was founded or not. Hopefully nothing too crazy comes of this.

On a final note I think the decision by Paul Martin to step down as the leader of the Liberal party was one of the classiest things his party has done in a very long time. Part of the reason that people voted against the party was Martin and his association with some of the scandal that gripped the party in recent months and years. This way he stays on as an MP but leaves the door open for a fresh face to take over and give the party a different direction which is quite likely exactly what they need should another election be called in the next year to two.

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