Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Election: Some thoughts

I was asked in a comment yesterday who I was planning on voting for in our upcoming election and I'm still not decided. Actually to be perfectly honest I'm as much disgusted as undecided mostly because of the three 'Major' parties in the country and their respective leaders I don't think a single one of them has a hope in hell of running this country effectively.

I simply don't trust Harper and I think that his overly conservative approach to some issues should be a thing of the past. Paul Martin's apprach to this election campaign baffles me, he was leading now he's scrambling? What gives? I don't agree with some of the promises and approaches he's taken not to mention his record and that of the Liberal party in general is tainted. So what does that leave? Oh yeah the socialist. Now when it comes to strenght of character, Jack Layton in my opinion is probably the only leader of those three that I truely respect. Unfortunately his party stands for things that I don't; social conciousness is completely different from socialism. One works and the other is almost inevitably doomed to failure. I have always believed that in Canada the NDP is a great opposition party that should raise the social conciousness of the other parties and the nation; but I do not feel their agenda is sound enough to run the nation.

So who's left? I don't know much about Descep(SP) nor the issues within Quebec, I can't speak to that. But who's left is the Green party which is in very serious contention for my vote. Why you ask? Well during the last election they had 3% of the popular vote, this didn't translate into any seats but it does show some awareness to the environment and the issues surrounding the environment and its impact on our political and economic strucutre. Do I think they could run a country, no I don't think so, not enough experience. But ensuring that my vote goes and is counted behind something legitimate might be enough; assuming more people voted of what they thought we should be addressing rather than who would you rather see in office, the bad guy or the other bad guy.

Canada has tremendous potential, always has unfortunately I don't think any of the parties currently vying in the election has chance to harness this potential. So it comes down to which shade of evil do you prefer? Red? Blue? Green? Orange?