Monday, January 23, 2006

Go out and VOTE!

If you're a canadian and of voting age today is the day you really should go out and vote; exercise your political power! Even if you're not certain of all the issues you really should take the time out of your day to place a vote based on the information you know and unless you've been hiding in a hole you must have seen or heard something about today's election.

I vote each and every election mostly because if I don't vote I feel that I loose the right to complain about the government that is in power. If I helped elect them then it's partially my fault; if I voted for someone that didn't make it to office then at least I said my peace and with that I'm able to voice my opinions about what's happening. It pisses me off to no end when someone bitches and complains about the government and the policies they're enacting but they can't take the 10 minutes out of their ever important days to get out and vote.

The information you need to make your decisions can be found on 4 little websites (5 if you include the Bloc) and being the conciencious citizen I am I'm going to ensure there's links to all of them. Find the information out for yourself; find out who's in your riding; make a decision even if it's a quick one and go vote!

So here they are (in alphabetical order):