Monday, January 02, 2006

Good thing... the hangover is gone!

So now that my hangover has decided that it's done with me... and we're all very greatful that it wasn't a very big one the new year can really and truly start now. So what does that mean? Absolutely fuck all when it really comes down to it! But this is as good an excuse to start new things and use this day as the benchmark for a bunch of things like goals and resolutions... people have been using this day/time of year for decades and even centuries; who am I to buck a trend.

Now that that's out of the way here are some of my goals for the year, call them resolutions if you will.

1. Get out of debt.
I know this is a bit of a pipe dream but it's either go big or go home when it comes to this one. I did good accumulating the debt, what's to stop me from doing good to get rid of it. And even if I don't succeed completely I'll have made some good head way. What does this translate to? Well less stupid spending, less going out and drinking like a fish, and most importantly being somewhat smart with my money. This one is the most important for me this year but that's because I'm sick of going from Pay to Pay.

2. Get a new job.
This one shouldn't be all that hard since it's starting to look like I might have a new job by March. But if for whatever reason that doesn't pan out then I'm simply going to have to find another opportunity.

3. Learn French.
Kinda like the debt thing this one might not happen this year in all honesty but I've wanted to learn French for years and I think it's about fucking time I got off my ass and did something about it. So the goal by this time next year it to be able to hold a limited conversation (note I said limited rather than broken)

4. Take Better Care of myself.
This is my catch all for all the stuff like getting in better shape, smoking less, drinking less and all that warm and fuzzy stuff that everyone says they're going to do this time of year. Smoking and Drinking less... not cutting it out, that would be stupid I enjoy both and there is no reason to stop altogether but I'm starting to feel the smoking in my lungs (Not a good thing) not to mention that cutting back on these two will translate to money for goal number 1. Then there's getting into better shape... we'll see how this one goes, I guess it's just time to be a bit healthier rather than go Nazi at the gym.

5. Post regularily in this blog.
By now this shouldn't be a resolution but if the past few weeks are an indication then I think I need to put this one down in writing. Let's see how I do.

There's more but this is a good start I think. Time to kick shit into high gear and get into action on some of these things. Now I hope everyone had a good new years and that the hangovers are gone by now... otherwise I expect posts on your blogs telling us ALL the details!