Saturday, January 28, 2006

The hangover is mostly gone!

I'm totally surprised that I woke up feeling like something just shat me out but I did, the two pitchers of beer and the bottle of wine shouldn't have made me feel that way but it did and it's a good thing the feeling's past. Why you ask? Well tonight we're going out for a friends birthday to some swanky eatery with jazz and all that fancy stuff. Doing all that with a hangover would have been annoying at the very least.

So there will be more drinking, smoking and eating tonight! I'm not looking forward to my hockey game tomorrow; the stupid league set the game for 2pm! Who the hell wants to play hockey on a sunday in the middle of the day? I know I don't! But then again I'll already be in rough shape so being smacked around on the ice shouldn't feel that bad.

Watched a bunch more episodes of Lost, I'm officially hooked! Why couldn't the show be over already so I could rent/buy all the seasons at once and watch it at my own pace? Maybe there will be an episode or two for the watching tonight after the drinking!That should be fun, I find most TV shows are more entertaining after a few drinks.