Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Murphy's Law.... strikes again.

Go figure! I'm off to Waterloo to do some interviewing of co-op students and low and behold my GF's cold decides that it's relocated to me. When did this marvelous little creature decide to do this? Around lunch time... my nose starts running. Now if that was it I'd blow if off but now I'm all stuffed up and my stupid sinuses are hurting not to mention the incessant sneezing.

I beleive this is a perfect example of murphy's law... since I made sure to be ready and prepped which is more than I normally do when I do this. I normally just wing it and do fine but I decided to make a show of it this time and this stupid cold must have known it. So Neo Citrin will become my friend this evening and this stupid thing WILL go away by morning or else.... or else I might be getting a bunch of people sick tomorrow since I can't back out of going now.