Sunday, January 29, 2006

Not quite right + a hockey game

I woke up at 10 this morning and about the only reason I dragged my hung over ass out of bed was that I needed to somehwat wake up to leave for my hockey game. That was an hour ago there's a cat on the kitchen counter and he's about to be thrown off... might as well get coffee too.

OK got coffee, where was I oh yeah trying to wake up, not worknig too well but I think the shower will take the edge off this stupid hangover. But that's my own dumb fault.

Last night 8 of us went down to the distilery district for a fancy shmancy dinner at a couple of the restaurants, they have this food festival called winterlicious and this was part of that... there was oysters, and lots of other pretty damn good appetizers and there were really the size of an appetizer not a meal like you get in most places. The food was really good but I'm not sure if the whole thing was worth 98$ all said because there was only two drink tickets included. I think that place would be very cool in the summer sitting out there on the patio.

After the distilery... oh yeah the restaruant was called the boiler house and there was a live Jazz band playing that's what made it cool. yeah so after we were going to go to Shallow Groove but ended up across the street in some bar/club-wannabe-place where it was busy and way too loud with the music much to much like a club for a bar.

Now I'm sitting here 11 am the next day trying to figure out how the fuck I'm going pull my brain together enough to play hockey in a couple hours without hurting myself. This should be interesting.