Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Price of smokes going up!

Ok I just heard this on the radio on the way home, the price of smokes is going up again! Granted its going up virtually nothing per pack but all the stores that sell smokes are going to use this as an excuse to gouge us smokers. The price is going up a dramatic $1.20 per carton or 15 cents a pack. Normally this isn't a bit deal but the range in price that I buy smokes for varies from $8.25 to $9.75 and I have paid over $10 in the past. I'm glad I don't smoke as much as some people I know but still you see the range in price, the guy on the low end will probably raise the price by 15 cents but the guy at the upper end is going to start charging over 10 a pack this is just down right fucking stupid.

Now I understand that part of the cost of a pack of smokes goes to helping people with lung cancer and just in general helping out the medical system in canada but the reason for the rate hike: to help make ontario smoke free and to help keep kids from starting smoking. Both valiant efforts but what about us who smoke? We're just taking it up the ass because the government of ontario wants more money in it's coffers. If you want to make the province smoke free outlaw the stuff don't tax us to death.