Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Productivity in the work place

Have you ever gone to work and realized that almost everyone around you is doing a whole hell of a lot less than they could be? You know I understand the whole chatting at work thing and even the goofing off once in a while thing. But seriously people if you’ve got work to do, do it, don’t complain that you’ve got too much shit to do when you take a 1 and a half hour lunch and leave early; not to mention goofing off and chit chatting half the day (unless that’s your job). I just don’t think that shit is fair to the people that actually do a full day’s worth of work.

But I guess if the expectation is to goof off, chat, leave early, take long lunches and plan work productivity around that then I shouldn’t be surprised if that’s what actually happens. So what happens to the people that actually do their work on time and well without goofing off and leaving early? Well I’m going to find that part out but I think it might be a limited response because (and this is a generalization) management really doesn’t know what’s going on.

How many of you have managers that actually know their stuff and are good managers? Yeah I know they’re out there, I’ve worked for them in the past, but how is it that people who are barely adept enough to pass as intelligent become managers? They fall into these positions and things kind of stumble along as they always have. Where’s the progress?

I guess this might explain why I’ve got next to no challenge at the office (though my manager is actually a good manager, he just shouldn’t be a technology manager)