Thursday, January 05, 2006

Proud of myself!

It's not the biggest secret in the world that I'm not horribly fond of my work, the job itself is ok, but sadly after close to 6 years ok just doesn't cut it for me anymore. Now I got this job when I was still fairly naive in the world and I've growed up a bit while being there. So some of the ways I behaved their over the years has been questionable when it comes to productivity and in some cases conduct. BUT I've been trying slowly over the past 6-9 months to actually do my job but I find that I always slip back to my slackerish ways when things slow down.

But this week I've been making a HUGE mental effort to actually do the things I set out for the day and try getting through my to do list. I've been succeeding so far this week but I've also been working about 6 hours out of the work day + lunch. When you think about it, this is pretty much expected but if you look around you at work how often is this a reality? Well now that I've done this and been back at work for three days I feel like today REALLY needs to be friday. But it's not and tomorrow is another day. Either way I'm proud of the fact that I'm actually sticking to it and getting stuff done, but the more I do this the more I realize that my job is really boring and not challenging in any way shape or form. Let's see if this continues to be the case.