Thursday, January 12, 2006

Reading - taking too long

I was looking at my blog just now and a thought struck me... no the world isn't going to end, this happens from time to time. So the thought that struck me was I've been reading the same two damned books that I've got listed on the right here for what seems like ever. In reality I'm not reading them i've just got bookmarks in them that get moved a couple pages ever couple weeks.

Why is it that I just can't seem to read books with any great speed unless I'm doing something like taking the bus to work. Do I need to be bored and not have an internet connection before I'll pick up a book? If so that's a bit of a scary thought.

One of the books I'm reading Kushiel's Chosen is actually a pretty entertaining read yet it seems that after reading like 50 pages I'll set it down for a week or two. Has my attention span gotten that bad? The other book in the list is a business type book that treads very heavily in the common sense category so that's understandable.

I think I need to put a concerted effort to finishing those two books before it starts to look like I'm barely literate.