Thursday, January 26, 2006

Still sick but getting better!

So yesterday I was driving out to Waterloo to interview a bunch of prospective co-op students and two things happened that really caught my attention: 1. I just happened to flip to a radio station that was talking about colds and the cold season. Apparently research has been done that proves that chicken soup is really good for colds. Funny how the cosmos was kind enough to tell me I should have some chicken soup (I still haven’t).

2. The second thing that really caught my attention was… why was there so much traffic in Kitchener-Waterloo? I was expecting the drive from T.O. to be about an hour and a half or so but it took me more than two. The longest part of the trip, surprisingly, was just as I was getting off the 401 into Kitchener. When did this happen?

I really wish this cold was over and done with! I’m feeling better but the slight fuzzy brainedness is making it hard to concentrate on things for too long. Why haven’t we cured the common cold yet?