Monday, January 30, 2006

Trouble Concentrating

Have you ever had those days that you simply can't focus on anything? Well I'm having just one of those days today. Every little thing is sending me off on tangents and I can't focus on any of the work I'm supposed to be doing. Actually it's even worse than that since I'll probably go off on a tangent while writing this entry.

I think today is a nice mixture of not being able to concentrate with a healthy dose of procrasitnation. I really don't like when these days come up. I've been really good at actually focusing and getting down to work at the office lately but friday and today it's just not working. I might have to break out some music and close the world off while I get cracking on some work... but I might just have to wait till after lunch for that.

Any suggestions on music that helps you get going??