Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Underworld Sequel

Friday night I was working from home... you can tell because I was uber lazy and didn't post in here. I got a call aroud 3 from my gorgeous(but sick) GF telling me she's on her way home. Mentally I'm thinking... oh well wings, beer, and Underworld aren't going to happen tonight. She gets home, takes a nap for an hour and we actually went out! She was feeling better but I still think it was super fucking cool that she went out knowing I wanted to see that movie.

So the movie... wasn't bad, wasn't great but they could have screwed it up. The story held together and it was entertaining. Lots of action, they actually did some story development... I would never call it a great piece of cinema but I liked it. Though I think the first one was a bit better. Either way that tight leather jumpsuit thingy Kate Beckinsale wears is hot.

Now my hungover ass is going to poke around with the template for this thing (maybe)