Monday, January 23, 2006

Voting time draws near, but wait there's a dilema

So it's 5:30 and voting time for me is drawing near and I've still got a bit of a dilema to unwravel: Who to vote for? For me the dilema is a tough one in that I've got to choose to vote for the incumbent party the who have broken promises and have been caught up in many scandals over the years or do I vote with my choice the ?

Under normal circumstances I would simply vote for the Green party which has over the past few years truly become a bonafied party. But unfortunately circumstances are not normal and the party that's likely to win the election (though only with a minority) is the conservatives who's leader I simply do not trust. The Liberals are struggling and clawing at staying in power and are likely to work in coalition with the NDP to put legislature through that will both work towards the status quo that the Liberals have established with a healthy dose of social morality that the NDP will bring.

The Green party on the other hand is really a young party with a lot of fresh ideas that are economically and ecologically sound, supporting many of the goals and ideals that I believe in.

I just don't trust Stephen Harper and regardless of the few good things I've heard the party promise over the course of the election campaign I can't shake my mistrust of the man. I honestly thing that his parties goals are going to be bad news for the nation and I would rather my vote go to a party that has in the past been corupt and privy to scandal...

So the decision? Well I'm probably going to decide when I get to the voting booth though I'm leaning towards the devil I know in the Liberal party; even more so that I'm in a riding that is a Liberal stronghold.

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