Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why isn't it friday?

So I worked from home yesterday being the lazy ass that I am and managed to get a crap load of work done. But coming into the office today I was like fuck it's only tuesday when reality is that it's not nearly that bad. Why does changing things around in the daily routine screw with your perception of time so much?

Damn I really wish it was friday, I could use a couple days off. Maybe that's what I'll do... work really hard on this stupid project I'm doing get it done early then 'work from home' for a couple days... the xbox is collecting too much dust lately.

Speaking of stupid projects, I start going through the code on this project and I'm dumbfounded. I hired this guy a few years back to work on this for me and he wrote the damned thing fine but didn't leave a single fucking comment. So now that I've got to modify this shit I don't know up from down unless I do the whole fine toothed comb reading and I can't be bothered with that unless I have to. For all you coders out there COMMENT THE CODE YOU WRITE!

Back to the grind.