Friday, February 17, 2006

Back in Reality

So my couple days off are now officially over and I've got to say they were quite relaxing and entirely too short a break from the grind. Niagara was what it always is a tourist trap though it was pretty much closed. That part I've got to say was pretty danmed weird; seeing most of the touristy stores on Clifton Hill and the other street that has the little stores closed. I think we managed to find one store, not attached to a hotel, that was open and their selection was rather gaudy (actually most of theirs are)

I only lost 50$ gambling, which isn't all that bad considering that was about 5 hours of blackjack. Wait lost 55$ I was bored waiting for a table so I stuck a 5 into the slot machine which I promptly lost.

Other than that not much to really say, drinking, gambling, sex, just hanging out that was the story of the day but mostly it was relaxing. And I was soo lazy I didn't even take out my camera let alone take pictures.