Monday, February 20, 2006

Canadian Hockey

This weekend the Canadian Men's hockey team played two games in their round robin tournament and managed to loose both of their games 2-0. Now I couldn't help but make some comments since hockey is so near and dear to my heart. I watched the game against the Swiss where they outshot them 50something to 20 but lost two nothing. They didn't look that good on the ice and they were beaten by the Swiss goalie Martin Gerber. Gerber played an amazing game and the goal/shot that looked like a goal wouldn't have really mattered. The game was simply one they weren't really up for.

The fact that they lost to Finland is something that though not expected is something that could happen. But with that said I would have expected the boys to come off the loss to Switzerland and just go after the win but they didn't. This second game I didn't watch; shortly after the game started my buddy called me to bitch about their play so I opted with the better of two choices: Watch a frustrating hockey game or take a nap... the nap won.

The Canadian team really needs to get their act together if they want to repeat as Gold medal champtions; they've got the talent but talent that doesn't play like a team is pretty much useless. For their sake I hope they get their shit together since I want to watch a good final game. But based on how the Canucks and the American's have been playing there's not a lot of likelihood of a Canada-US final.