Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Evil that is Ikea

Over Christmas my GF and I got a whole bunch of gift certificates to Ikea as we were planning on getting a new bed. Well Yesterday we finally managed to do just that, get a new bed, but sadly we also saw this nice little love seat that we wanted to pick up as well. That is of course ignoring everything in their little marketplace section. I am convinced that the store is evil!

So we only got the bed and a little tree like plant which we dubbed 'Fred' right away. After the purchase of the bed (with which I almost knocked a few people over with as I was carting it around) came the tying the bed to the car! This was an adventure all on it's own (for the whole 5km drive!) but logic prevailed after I managed to tie all the doors closed. The bed arrived and was assembled without major mishap; and the assembly was successful since we didn't sleep on the floor last night! I so kick ass at putting Ikea shit together.

Now all I've got to do is get that couch that we were looking at, I think I might just get it this week and surprise my GF with it when she walks in the door on day. That would be cool.