Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Evil that is Sudoku

If you haven't ever seen a sudoku puzzle then got to the Web Sudoku site and you'll see what this is(you can always go to the wikipedia too). These little puzzles are evil, pure evil even. Once you get through one of them you just want to continue plugging away at puzzles for hours on end. It's crack cocaine in paper format! Why am I saying this? Well that would be because I've become addicted to the little puzzles and I now have 3 books of these evil little puzzles. So much time spent working on these things it's disturbing.

Consider this a warning, don't attempt too many of them unless you have a lot of spare time! You'll be working on them on the bus, at home, at work. You'll feel satisfaction each and every time you manage to solve a hard one which will keep going going. It's kind of like golf you'll play the worst game of your life and in the middle of the mess that is a score in the 140's you'll drive the green on a par 4 which will erase any funny little ideas you had about quitting the game.