Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Finally got myself into the gym

Yep the title says it all I finally managed to drag my sorry ass into the gym and I dreaded every moment of it. Both prior to going and during my 30+ minute stint at the gym. I have never understood how people can enjoy going to the gym, I was so utterly bored that I could have plucked the eyeballs out of my head because they were telling just how much time I had left on the bike. I'm sure it would have been a rather gastly sight for the next person seeing two bloody eyeballs staring back at them from the floor beside the exercise bike.

But! I do feel a lot better now, although I've got a felling I might be a bit sore tomorrow. I guess that'll be an indicator of just HOW out of shape I am, but damn it curvy and round are shapes too! A few more weeks of this and maybe just maybe I'll notice a difference on the ice playing hockey (I better!)