Friday, February 24, 2006

I remember now why I started

As this week has been going forward I'm remembering more and more acutely the reason why I started smoking; it's my job. I used to be this quaint social smoker that would have a smoke or two at a club or a bar then go without for weeks on end without a single side effect.

But about a couple years into working at this place I just started smoking full out. I've always said the reason I started smoking was my wonderful job, though it's always been true I'm just now starting to remember the gravity of why... I really can't deal with the shit here. The company isn't a bad company to work for but the stupidity of a) some of the people here, b) the red tape, and c) I lost my train of thought oh well...

Needless to say I'm very tempted to go back to smoking if only to be able to deal with this place. Yeah, yeah I've started looking for another job. Then maybe I could go back to being that quaint social smoker. *sigh* I am going crazy 1 2 3 4, I am going... I so need to get drunk tonight