Thursday, February 23, 2006

So much for Canadian Mens Hockey!

I wrote the title of this post then thought to myself for a brief second then added the 'Mens', our womens hockey team kicks ass and takes names for later. Our men on the other hand well they won the gold last time, that has to account for something, doesn't it?

So in the first day of possible elimination the gold and silver medal winning teams from the last olympics were eliminated. Rather amusing since I was looking forward to a few more good games; guess that isn't happening at least now with Canada playing in them.

I'm kind of glad I was doing the whole work thing and I didn't have to watch it, though I'm guessing the probably played ok but were out played. But other than that I've got to say the Canadian contingent at the olympics has been doing phenominal and they should be incredibly proud of themselves (except the men's hockey team which should be embarassed - and don't go using the gambling scandal as an excuse)