Thursday, February 23, 2006

Unreal Nicarette Works!

To some extent I discovered this yesterday evening when I was home waiting for about 15 minutest before I could make a call and my attention span had gone down to litteraly about 30 seconds. Being told I should give the gum a chance I listened and took it, about 30 minutes later I was totally a lot calmer and in far a better, less anxious, and a less psychotic mood. This quitting smoking deal is actually pretty hard and we're cheating by havnig one in the morning and one at night. Just going through the whole day without a smoke is so much more of a challenge than I would have ever thought.

You know even if we cave completely in the next few days, which I don't think will happen, this has been a rather important experiment. The things I've learnt so far:
  1. I'm not nearly strong enough to quit smoking on my own without some kind of help while maintaining my regular routine.
  2. It's hard to change habits, really fucking hard
  3. Two days is enough to notice a change in breathing (or coughing) when quitting smoking
  4. I do not notice myself getting cranky, not a good thing in itself but good to know
  5. Quitting smoking has taken my attention span down to nothing, and I thought it was low to start with.
  6. Nicarette works, and fast
So regardless I still want to smoke during the day, but I've also been too scattered to keep myself sufficiently busy. This is slowly starting to fade so I think over the course of the next week I might actually keep my attention on work long enough to forget about the smoking. *fingers crossed*

Quitting smoking is really tough, I didn't think it would be this tough